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Hi, my name is Kristina Van Rooyen and I am a Sydney based interior stylist and the creative director behind all is pretty. I specialise in creating dream interiors for your little ones, interiors that reflect the vision and personality of my clients. I can create anything from a calming nursery to a fun playroom, a whimsical toddler’s room, and inspirational learning places, or simply design an enchanted, creative space for your little ones, tweens and teens.

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Minty real room: Scarlett's magical toddler room 

28 June

Working to a very specific brief can at time present challenges. In this case, Kristina Van Rooyen of All is pretty, was guided by her 2 year old daughter, Scarlett, to create a room that was pink. Just pink. And as the mother of a toddler there is one thing I know for sure. Do not mess with their brief.

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Scarlett's Big Girl Room

24 April

This is the prettiest room in our home and definitely a labour of love. I created this lovely room for my sweet daughter Scarlett. When she turned 2 I started thinking about getting her a ‘big girl’ bed and also her own room. Her wishes were very simple - pink! 

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7 interior design quotes to get you inspired

19 April


Are you stuck in a styling dead end?  These wise words from some of my favourite Interior Designers are bound  to ignite your inspiration and get you motivated on your decorating endeavours!

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How to get a professional and affordable design service for less

18 April


Most people think of interior design as something for those who can spend thousands on just one piece of furniture, but there is new way of doing things! And it’s easy, fun and affordable.

We are so lucky to live in a world where everything is accessible at the touch of a button. There is just one little problem here: too many choices…and it can also be easily overwhelming for people to bring their ideas to life and put things together. But there is solution!

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Scarlett's pretty big floral room

11 April

This pretty room oozes sophistication for a young lady who's going up fast. It was created by interior stylist Kristina Van Rooyen of All is pretty for her gorgeous daughter, Scarlett. And Scarlett knew exactly what she wanted from the initial planning stage, as Kristina, explains "Her wishes were very simple - pink! She is a very girly girl, and with her, I learned to embrace pink.

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Nursery budget ideas: this one mixes bargain & luxe

12 March 2018

“The design brief for this room came from Scarlett who was two years old at the time and all she wanted was pink! That was the biggest and most important request which is typical for very girly girls,” says interior stylist Kristina Van Rooyen of All is Pretty who created this beautiful space for her daughter. 

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