Mrs. Mighetto whimsical prints - the perfect choice of artwork for your kids room

Mrs. Mighetto is a team of two Swedish mums with a fine love for whimsical watercolour art. Their first collection was launched in 2014, and sold out within the first two weeks. All prints are limited edition and are simply gorgeous, beautifully detailed illustrations. Once they are sold, they are sold out forever so if you like them don't miss a chance to grab at least one! They are such a lovely edition to every nursery and childs room.

Just last month Mrs. Mighetto launched their third collection. Everyone who knows design or who knows their work from before couldn’t wait for that day to come. This is their biggest collection and is called “The End Of The Forest”. It tells the story of the entrance to the mythical Land In The Sky at the end of the forest, and its guardians, all of whom possess special gifts and watch over this magical land.

Characters in the artwork have been given a name and magical personalities. Each of them has an enchanting story to accompany them which helps kids to know them, connect with them and have a story to tell others. Spaces rich in inspiration significantly enhance ways that kids develop imagination, creative thinking and appreciation of art. It would be perfect that you choose the character that is similar to your childs personality. But there are so many of them and they are all beautiful. It’s hard not to fall in love with all of them.

With beautiful soft grey tones that have been used in each of these prints you'll be sure to set a calming mood for your nursery, childs room or playroom. You can style it with lots of gorgeous textures and soft colours. They look really good in Scandinavian style rooms and lately we can see more of them in modern bohemian style kids rooms and nurseries. These prints will transform every nursery or childs room into a magical fairytale retreat.

Which one will you choose?

Photos: @mreiness, @andrealingjerde, @mrsmighetto, @mrsmighetto

If you have any questions at all about styling your baby or childs room send me an email.

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