Have fun designing a room for your preteen girl

Designing a room for a preteen girl can be challenging. Tweens are notorious for being a fan of one thing one week then totally flipping and loving something else the next.This is a stage in life where individuality and coolness seem like everything, and a sense of personal place can help tweens as they transition into full-fledged teenagers.

Maybe you want to completely redo your daughter's bedroom or you're just looking to tweak an already awesome room to accommodate her (constantly) changing interests and amazing personality? You want to surprise her for her birthday or some other important occasion or you want to do it together? Or your little girl is not so little any more and she will come and ask you to do a makeover of her room. Whatever reason it is, all children eventually become interested in having a more grown-up space instead of the little kid space they’ve grown up in. And doing this together can be a great opportunity to bond even more with your child which could be the thing that you both need at the time.

You can go to shops together and pick the furniture or check Pinterest for inspiration, online shops and make plans for what you want to do with her space.

Girls may enjoy creating a mood board or picking a colour palette, textiles and accessories. They often love adult wallpapers in modern colours and bold graphics. While bright colours are always a fun idea for a bedroom, darker hues can be a great option, too. Darker colours often make a space feel more cozy, and they look great with smaller pops of colour.

Girls will want a full-length mirrored cabinet and don’t forget a power point nearby and a place to store hairdryers, makeup, gels…You can talk about having a dressing table too. They will probably also want to have a great bed. Choosing the bedding and artworks can be lots of fun. If you’ve already decided on your theme, colour palette and style, this should be easy to do.

Don’t forget about functionality: besides reflecting the tween’s interest, a girls bedroom should also be functional for studying and doing homework, socialising with friends and for resting. Smart storage solutions help tween’s to have clutter free rooms.

Also you can use this experience to teach your tween decorating and budgeting skills. Allowing your tween to help with the entire process will give her a chance to both express herself, and also to learn responsibility.

And here’s my idea of a bedroom that’s still girly but definitely sophisticated. Decorating this girls room was seriously so much fun!

Wall decal



Pendant light


Mature enough for a teen, young enough for a tween.

I hope you like it! While it’s the perfect blend of fun and classy this room looks like a great space to relax in! The colour scheme is adorable too and I did avoid things that have a childish element to them, so the room can grow and change.

Everything you see on these mood boards you can buy online at Temple&Webster.

Here are few more ideas that you can do with your tween to decorate her room and have fun together:

DIY copper and wood ladder

DIY faux ceramic hanging planters

DIY modern dreamcatcher

Happy decorating! <3

If you have any questions at all about styling your baby or childs room send me an email.

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