Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Kids are so excited about Christmas! They get gifts, clothes, lots of lollies, chocolates and cakes..… So don’t you think you should decorate their room as well? Take some time from your busy schedule and decorate their room. By doing that you’ll bring truckloads of happiness and excitement to them.

If you check my Instagram you’ll find out that I have strong feelings about pink. And why wouldn’t your Christmas be pink? Just a little change from traditional reds, greens, golds… And wouldn’t your kid just love it?

With pink you can create a fairy tale-like atmosphere for your child’s room. It can be just your kids room or it can be your whole house (if your husband doesn’t mind ;) If the colour pink is already a favourite at your house, it's easy to add holiday touches to match. Also when decorating for the holidays, choose decorations that fit into your existing decor.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Start with a gorgeous tree, and go crazy with your favourite ornaments! Pink Christmas ornaments look especially fabulous alongside gold and white decorations. You can also go shopping for ornaments with your little one! Together you can choose decorations that you both like and really have fun! Make it an experience where you bond with your child.

Buy a beautiful wreath or a few of them in different sizes. You can put them on the front doors or even on the walls. They make beautiful decoration in every space. Add ribbons, bows… whatever you like. Be creative!

Once you've picked your favourite pink and accent colours to go with it, choose wrapping paper to match. Enjoy choosing ribbons and little decorations that you can tie on the presents. Different patterns on wrapping paper in the same shade of pink will make even the space under the tree an interesting and exciting part of your decor.

I think it's safe to say that most girls love the colour pink. A girl's bedroom is the perfect place to light up with pink mini lights. Use them to outline the canopy above her bed or around her mirror on her dresser.

Bake with your child! There are so many easy recipes that you can find to bake Christmas cookies or decorate a gingerbread house - which can become part of your Christmas table decor. All it takes is a drop of food colouring to add a dash of pink to all of your holiday treats.

Buy pink cups for your coffees and hot chocolate and decorate with snowflakes.

Have a wonderful pretty in Pink Christmas celebration!

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