10 inspirational fun toddler playrooms

A child’s room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas.

When choosing a decorating scheme for your children’s room, the more imaginative and playful the better. It’s a play space for your children to spark and develop their little imaginations.

Get ready to design a room that’s as unique as your kids are!

Plan together with your child or have in mind what your child likes to play with and what opportunities you would like to create for him/her.

You can start by deciding about the style that you are going for and colour scheme. Decide on wall colours, wallpapers, curtains and rugs.

The next step would be planning zones/areas. Plan how you would like to divide the space. You could have an area for quiet play and relaxation such as reading nooks, teepee’s, canopies; or a table top zone including table and chairs for puzzles, drawing; or an arts and craft corner which you can include a blackboard, shelves, a wall to display kids artworks; or a floor play zone for learning to crawl, stand and walk for the really little ones, and then the space can evolve into being used for puzzles, building and dancing as they grow. You could include a big play area if you have enough space, for a swing, slide or climbing wall, or an area for pretend play like a kitchen or fruit shop.. Don’t forget to plan lot of storage and shelves…

Also don’t forget to to have fun on the way!

Here are my 10 examples for your child’s playroom:

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If you have any questions at all about styling your baby or childs room send me an email.

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