Scarlett’s ‘big girl’ room reveal

Well, the day is finally here! After months of planning, designing, shopping, ordering furniture and decor, styling and photographing our little girl’s beautiful bedroom, it is finally ready to be revealed!

And I’m so excited to share it with you! This is the prettiest room in our home and definitely a labour of love. I created this lovely room for my sweet daughter Scarlett. When she turned 2 I started thinking about getting her a ‘big girl’ bed and also her own room. Her wishes were very simple - pink! She is a very girly girl who loves ballet, singing, nail polish, dresses, lipstick, sparkles…and with her I learned to embrace pink. It was so much fun to create this little space of hers.

I wanted the room to have a neutral base, so the room could grow with her or be easily changed later into a guest room. I chose the wallpaper first: black and white oversized peonies. I don’t know why, but when I saw it I loved it and decided I’d create the design around it. The great thing about this wallpaper is that it is removable. How good is that!

When designing a space I always focus on the foundation pieces first. These are the items that won’t be changing often, like furniture and curtains. You want to make sure you are investing in items that won’t quickly become an outdated trend. So I chose a very simple white bed that really goes well with the style of the room and that is also very practical – it’s extendable, so it can be pulled out as your child grows.

Under the window we put a little desk with a pink velvet ottoman. Scarlett likes to play ‘working’ like me, so she needed to have her own little 'office space’. She actually uses the space much more than I would have expected and it so lovely to see her playing there, colouring, writing, and ‘working’ on her computer.

I added texture with textiles using velvet bedding, embodied pillowcases, a woollen cushion, textured rugs, a tulle canopy and a velvet couch to add some warmth and interest.

The decision on wall colours was an easy one for me, but I didn’t get the approval from my little miss at first. The walls were a creamy white and they definitely didn’t look good with the fresh whites and greys on our new wallpaper. I managed to find a beautiful light grey that complimented the wallpaper and I started painting the wall. Needless to say that little brown eyes were following my every step. Scarlett came into a room while I was painting the wall and asked, “Is that grey? Don’t you know that my favourite colour is pink?” I needed to explain that all the other things in room were going to be pink. She wasn’t happy! But with time the furniture start coming in with all the pink details, a few items of beautiful artwork, the pink velvet bedding and room started to take shape. Scarlett was happier but she would still complain about the wall colour every now and then.

After a few months of waiting our gorgeous pink couch arrived! That was the last thing that we were waiting for and her room was finally finished! She loves to invite friends in and she now says, “Come to my beautiful room! “

So, there you have it! A lovely pink ‘big girl’s’ bedroom. Hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Styled by All is pretty - interior styling for children

Photos by Susan Papazian

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