5 smart mothers day’s gifts for mums-to-be

The best gift you can get for a mum-to-be is a break when things get chaotic and they will be — babysitting while she’s taking a nap, cooked meals or cleaning are always a winner, or just being there for some adult conversation is great. But if you can’t physically offer that kind of support or if you're feeling lost with what to buy the special mum-to-be, look no more. I have put together a fabulous list of gift ideas any new mum will thank you for.

1. Something to collect memories

This beautifully crafted personalised Memory Case is lined with a gorgeously nostalgic printed fabric. Perfectly designed to include pockets and a removable tray. You can fill it up with children's memories and achievements. It is a perfect present that will keep memories and allow mum to spend precious time telling stories and spending family time together looking back through her special keepsakes. It can be personalised with a luggage tag which can be gold embossed with initials, a name or date.

2. Something to read

The Motherhood is a collection of letters from some of Australia’s favourite women, sharing what they wish they’d known about life with a newborn. Coming from writers with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, no two stories are alike – but all are generous, compassionate and deeply honest.

3. Something for her not for a baby

The Enviie watch has a classic design, elegant strap and a clear face for effortless time-checking. The simple and neat design makes it easy to pair the watch with her favourite jewellery and also to feel good with something that is just for her.

4. Something to make her feel ready for a new chapter in life

Interior design consultations will give her peace of mind and help her with any design dilemmas that she may have with starting or finishing her nursery. They include everything from help with finding inspiration, deciding on a style, colours, the best layout for her little ones room, or just finding a few pieces to complete a room or help to put things together.

5. Something to keep her energy up

Those first few weeks with a newborn are so hectic that sometimes making a full meal just isn’t possible. One of the most helpful things you can send a new mum is food. Heathy food hamper packed with healthy, easy-to-grab snacks will ensure she never goes hungry. Perfect for those who love a healthy breakfast or a relaxing afternoon bite, it’s all that's needed for indulgent, wholesome treats any time of the day!

If you have any questions at all about styling your baby or childs room send me an email.

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