Business Mama Interview: Coco Rose Interiors

Coco Rose Interiors – don’t you already love the name? Petria Field is the creative mum behind this little gem. She started her business with passion to create a new style that reflects a natural minimalistic way of living using organic sustainable materials, and her products are just beautiful. With a business to run, three children, two dogs and a FIFO husband life is never boring. Find out more about this amazing business mum – her approach to business, what her day looks like, what are her plans for the future and more in our interview.

1.Why do you do What you do?

We aim to inspire a more natural and minimalistic way for people to design their homes and live their lives. We achieve this by sourcing all natural, high quality handmade products and demonstrating how to style And incorporate natural elements in the home.

2.Can you tell me more about your life before starting your business and how did you start?

I'm a trade qualified florist of 14 years prior to starting Coco Rose Interiors. We are a FIFO mining family, with three beautiful daughters Rhiana, Lola and Coco. We decided to move our family to Bali, Indonesia for a year in 2016 and were inspired by the relaxed, simplistic island life we had there. We wanted to create a new style that reflects a natural minimalistic way of living using organic sustainable materials. My passion for interior design took hold and so we created the brand you see before you today.

3.What does your typical day look like?

Everyday is totally different but generally Monday to Wednesday I am focused on Mum life. Only when they sleep and everything is done am I able to work, usually after 8pm. On Thursdays and Fridays business becomes my priority as my girls go to daycare. This is when I tick off my to do list, ship orders out, contact suppliers, maintain our website, work on collaborations and prepare for photo shoots. No day is the same that is for sure.

4.When was Coco Rose Interiors started did you face any challenges on the way?

Starting a small business means you take on several roles all at once with minimal experience in many areas. I have had to learn how to import products and clear through customs, website development, understand metadata description and SEO strategies. I have learned media design and accounting programs and attended social media marketing courses and networking events. We are currently engaged with an amazing business coach and the learning curve continues to steepen but it's such a rewarding and accomplished journey to take. Its a whole new world to run your own business.

5.What have been the highlights of Coco Rose Interiors so far?

We have featured in a number of large interior design publications for websites such as Interiors addict, Kids interiors, Projectnursery junior. We have successfully applied for a government grant which is helping fund our business coaching program. We are also about to feature in our first online television show and a printed magazine in April, so keep an eye out for more to come!

6.Where do you see your business in future?

We aim to be the number one destination for luxe bohemian furniture specialising in children’s rooms. Our mission will always remain true, to inspire a new way to live and design using natural and sustainable products. We want our community to understand the value, both financially and ethically, in heirloom pieces. #saynotoflatpacks

7.What makes you happy?

Personally, family is everything to me. My husband works away a lot, so appreciating the little moments and living a simple life, full of quality time is where I'm happy.

In business, it is seeing the amazing response from our customers and followers. Everyday we receive messages saying how beautiful our products are, how much they love our vision and to keep building on our dream. It's very fulfilling knowing we are on the right path.

8.If you could do anything what would it be and why? (business or personal)

Personally, I would have a full time housekeeper! Having a business, three children, two dogs and a FIFO husband leaves very little me time.

Business: I would love to work with Darren Palmer, seen on the Block. I love his sense of style and his love for unique statement pieces in the home.

9.What is your favourite product on your website?

Definitely our Coco Rose Rocker. It's such a beautiful intricate design for a rocking horse.

If you have any questions at all about styling your baby or childs room send me an email.

Hi there! My name is Kristina, I’m Sydney based Interior stylist and love to create rooms that makes you feel great when you come in. Rooms that are not just pretty, not that they have amazing pieces of furniture or that they architecture is beautiful, but rooms that make you feel nice and comfy, that you really enjoying when you’re there. I love to create beautiful and unique spaces for children that will be loved and enjoyed, spaces where families can build great memories together, rooms that children will never want to leave!

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