Business Mama Interview: My Hidden Forest

Beautiful mama Narin Barnett is a contemporary artist and the name behind My Hidden Forest. She has a passion for children’s interiors and is best known for her whimsical style that is playful and carefree. The colours that she incorporates into each piece are serene and will ensure that by using her prints in your kids room you’ll create that magical feeling and playfulness that every kids room should have.

Her prints for girls are so lovely and on trend. There’s no little girl out there who wouldn’t love them. And it is so easy to style with them.

My Hidden Forest is also my go to place for boys prints. While I find items and prints for styling girls rooms very easily, that’s often not the case with styling boys rooms. I love that I can choose from many different cool prints that will not date quickly.

Learn more about Narin, how she’s balancing work and little miss Ella, what’s makes her happy and where she sees herself in the future in my interview below.

1.Why do you do what you do?

There’s something about painting that is very cathartic for me. It really is good for my soul!

2.Can you tell me more about your life before starting your business and how did you start?

I studied psychology, marketing and management at University and then began my marketing career at a toy company called Colorific . A big part of my job was visiting schools and doing market research and it was then I realised I wanted to become a teacher. So I went back to University and started teaching. 6 years later I had Ella. I knew I wanted to work from home while she was little so My Hidden Forest was born.

3.What does your typical day look like?

Coffee. Then play dates/gymbaroo/playgroup and working in Ella’s nap (on a good day 2 hours). Then more play dates, and the usual dinner/bath routine with hubby. Then its generally working at night/packing orders. etc. I’m still waiting for Ella to get into daycare so for now I just work when I can.

4.When was My Hidden Forest started did you face any challenges on the way?

Yes originally I used to hand paint every order. Let’s just say it took forever because I’m a perfectionist. I soon learnt that it wasn’t a feasible business idea for me.

5.What have been the highlights of My Hidden Forest so far?

I have so many but I remember being so excited when Emma Hawkins purchased one of my prints. Also when one of my favourite brands ‘United Interiors’ approached me to design a kids range for them.

6.Where do you see your business in future?

I’d love to have my own little studio away from home where customer can come and visit. I’d love to expand into other products too one day just no idea what yet.

7.What makes you happy?

Family, friends, painting, things being in their place (I have OCD), summer, chocolate, coffee and getting 8 hours sleep.

8.If you could do anything what would it be and why? (business or personal)

I’d love to run art classes for kids one day or be an art teacher.

9.What is your favourite artwork on your website?

Probably Mia because I know she’s very loved in so many little girls rooms. Also my ‘Superhero Dreaming’ wall decal because it was the first decal I designed and I think it’s super cool ha ha

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